Our forged splined torque tubes for the EVO 8-9 5-speed trans are the strongest and most economically priced tubes on the market!  

This tube is used to transfer power from the center differential inside the trans to the t-case.  If you drag race the car hard, or accidentally launch the car too hard on an aggressive clutch, the factory shaft can explode causing severe damage to the trans and t-case.  

If your splined tube breaks, expect to replace the following:

  • T-case front diff and housing (if you are using an expensive Quaife or Wavetrac, they will void the warranty if damaged due to splined tube failure)
  • Trans case (both halves)
  • Center diff inside the trans

It's a nasty failure which can cost a huge amount of money.

Please note- 

  • Our competitors use a 'billet' torque tube.  Ours are 'forged' and far better!  What's the difference between a forged part and a billet part?  Mfactory has the best explanation we could find HERE
  • Our competitors pick and choose who they sell their torque tubes to, we do not.  If you want to buy a bunch of them, we will sell them to you.  We like to make money, so buy as many as you want!
  • Our competitors want $100 more for their inferior 'billet' torque tubes if they decide they want to sell them to you.
  • Our competitors want to only sell the torque tube if you have them rebuild your trans.  We support the DIYer here, so if you want to do it yourself, go for it!

So not only are we willing to sell them to you, but ours are better and less money.  How can you go wrong with that?!  

On another note, we also designed them to be slightly thicker than factory for just a bit more strength if forged wasn't enough!

Add this torque tube to a trans you are sending us for rebuild and we will knock the price down to $250! 

Please select from the drop down box if you want just the part or if you would like to include this during your transmission rebuild and save some $$!

Have questions?  Please feel free to EMAIL us at any time!


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Forged Splined Torque Tube - EVO 8-9

  • $300.00
  • $300.00

Tags: EVO Parts

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