Our Repair Shop

Our Repair Shop

Jacks Transmissions not only builds quality transmissions and engines, but we also have a full service center. We are proud to service a wide variety of complex vehicles which others are afraid to touch. BMW, Audi, Acura, VW, Ford, Mitsubishi and many more. We love technology and welcome any vehicle which needs special attention. Our facility is very clean and well kept. More info about that HERE

Our service center is very clean and efficient. We have the tools here to perform everything from tune-ups to custom engineered race projects to fit your goals. We have lifts, professionally installed epoxy flooring, epoxy walls, all of the latest tools and equipment, several high end state-of-the-art types of cleaning equipment (more info HERE), and central heating and air conditioning. The building is owned by us, but built like a fort with advanced surveillance and security equipment to keep customer vehicles and parts safe behind the tough concrete structure. Every last day of the week we run our large industrial floor cleaner through the whole facility (for that gorgeous floor) and keep all parts and projects neat and organized. With many shops, you see your expensive and fragile parts on the floor. Not here! We have spent thousands of dollars on high quality shop carts, cabinets, stainless steel benches, containers, and stainless steel topped tool boxes. You will not find your parts on the floor, though it is so clean you could eat off of it! Every project has a cart, cabinet, and bench to keep things clean and safe.

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More info about our cabinets HERE

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DSC05049 largeWe can do anything from transmission to engine removals, and installations, with all of the attention to detail you expect. Would you like pictures of the progress and process of the work to your vehicle while it is here? No problem! We commonly email pictures of work in progress to our customers who request it. We understand that with many of our customers their vehicle is their baby and is perfection. You can trust us to not only do the quality work you expect, but to also take great care in keeping your vehicle safe and well cared for while it is here.

poopraup1 mediumWe love engineering and can build a car any way you want with any goal! We have also engineered improvements for engines, clutches and transmissions as well. Let us know what you had in mind for your project and we can come up with a plan which will meet or exceed your expectations!

DSC05600 largeOur equipment sets us apart from most repair facilities. More info about our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment HERE Cleanliness is the key to quality work, and we have the equipment here to assure all of the parts installed in your vehicle will be perfectly clean. In order for a repair to not leak, live a long service life, and work as expected, it needs to be clean and installed with care. We have 2 industrial spin-jet parts washers, a pulse-jet washer, 110gal ultrasonic cleaner, large industrial bead blaster, 2 large solvent tanks, and a series of other cleaning equipment to assure quality. Just look at our transmission pictures! They are not painted, that’s a clean case you see there!

IMG 20111005 222256 largeDue to the fact that we specialize in rebuilding transmissions and engines, we are also the perfect place to have your transmission or engine removed and installed as we know them intimately. We know the correct fluid to use, where every bolt needs to go, proper clutch adjustment, the correct feel and performance, and will know right away without question if there is a problem. Why have a shop, which doesn’t know your vehicle, replace your clutch, trans or engine? We can do all of it here and assure it’s correct and keep everything under our 14month/unlimited mileage warranty!

DSC05007 largeWe love our Mitsubishis, but also do work to BMW, Audi, Ford, Nissan GTR, etc.  Please contact us if you would like a quote for your vehicle.  The Audi in this picture never ran right after a shop replaced the timing belt.  On top of that, it also had a 'check engine' light ON.  We found the timing belt was off by 1 tooth.  Repaired it for him correctly and now the car runs perfectly with no engine lights!  That was easy, but we have done complex builds from the E39 S62 BMW M5 engine (complete rebuild, removal and install) to simple Quaife LSD installs.  We fear no vehicle, engine or transmission, and our engineering mentality allows us to perform the most complex of builds and repairs without issue.  Below is a link to a BMW engine rebuild Jack performed here in-house to his M5.  The S62 is considered to be one of the most feared engines out there and his build was a total success!  Link below direct off of the M5board:  E39 BMW S62 Engine Rebuild

We do not employ typical mechanics. Everyone performing repairs at Jacks Transmissions has an engineering mentality which most mechanics do not have. Our staff is very highly skilled and intelligent. We are highly skilled in electronics, and mechanics, and can perform any repair correctly. You won’t have an unskilled grease-ball mechanic working on your car. You will have the highly skilled owners and well paid educated employees of the facility to perform the repairs. Usually, service like this costs a fortune, but we only charge $120.00 per hour. Why? We have low overhead as we own everything and don’t need to pay for expensive tools or rent. We charge by the hour at $120.00 plus parts and that is all.

Need engineering of products and parts for a new vehicle which just hit the market? We have the connections and equipment to mass produce performance and complex parts. If you have a new car which is known to have an issue, bring it down and we will engineer a solution.

Please stop by and pay us a visit or give us a call! 719-268-6011



I went to the shootout to compete in DSE class, and I made it to final 4. I was #1 in ET's and I was the guy to beat. I ended up snapping the u-joint and yoke in the final 4 eliminations. The transmission shifted awesome.
All runs were done on 93 octane and 50/50 meth. I never missed a single gear. I never have with your transmission.
Link to customer video
Another update from the same customer:
Just wanted to let you know how things went in Englishtown this weekend.
Bullseye sent me the new batmowheel s366 to try out for the event. If any of your customers ever ask about it, its awesome. Spool is much faster over the cast ETT wheel, boost recovery is awesome, top end is amazing.
I won the heads up Street 16 class with a 10.5 @ 142mph. My personal best is a 10.3 @ 143, but with 30mph head winds, and a short shift into 2nd gear, I ran a bit slower. I needed some more dial in time, but they went straight to qualifying and eliminations.
Professional pictures from the staff at Etown should be up soon, in which I thanked vendors/sponsors, and I mentioned Jackstransmissions in there, along with Bullseye Turbo, RedJackRacing (sponsor), Racecomponentsinc (sponsor) and others. I'll post it up on your facebook page once I find it and you can use the picture if you like.
I didnt get great videos of the event. All we got is droids and iphones amongst me and my friends, haha. Thanks again for an awesome transmission!

I wanted to say thanks for doing such an excellent job on rebuilding my transfer case! It helped me power my stock block Evo to the world record running a 9.959 at 138.67.
I now have the world's fastest stock block Evo. Everything also came out pretty good with the trans rebuild. Sparktechignitions.net (click the links) put me on their showcase page showing my car and my mod list. I have you guys up there for my transfercase refresh.
Again, thanks for doing such a great job. Your services will be recommended to everyone I know with an Evo. lol

Hey Jack...
Just wanted you to know that after the install of your transmission, I had a grin from ear to ear... I love this transmission and rave about it to everyone. The best money I've spent...

I just wanted to let you know that the transmission you rebuilt for my SCCA Spec 7 RX7 performed flawlessly this race season. It helped me in setting 3 track records, running an undefeated season, and winning the Rocky Mountain Division Series Championship.
Thanks again

This customer used transmission parts from our website to help him build the fastest Galant VR4 in the World:

Well the car did ok a few weeks ago. The tranny shifted great at the track and we took the world record for the Galant VR4 in both ET and MPH.
Here are a few video links:

  • VIDEO1
  • VIDEO2
  • VIDEO3

So I did set the E/T and MPH record for the Galant VR4 with that run, WOT.
And I think I was the 3 fastest trap speed and 4th fastest for a car this weekend.
Thanks a ton for all your help.

Got my Supra home yesterday from Pete Palamara in CastleRock (HighPressure Motorsports). After a winter-long engine & trans build, I can say that my transmission is working perfectly, and most importantly shifts perfectly. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Jack's shop to other Supra owners. The build was done in a very timely manner, and the communication throughout the process was excellent! (Larger motor/head/build review for HPM will be forthcoming in another thread. This shit is tiiiiight!!!)

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