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*NEW S800* 1000WHP Complete Rebuild Service


The S800 is the highest quality OEM 2-6 geared trans we have ever offered.  We believe in this trans so much that we are offering a crazy 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty on the COMPLETE unit! 


It includes everything to get as much life as possible through the OEM 2-6 gears.  It is also the most convenient trans we offer in that it comes prefilled, tested and ready to go!  All you have to do is install, relearn and you're done.  How easy is that??? 


The 'S' in the S800 stands for 'Super', as in 'super' finished gears and our 'super' amazing fluid!  It's just super all around.  We also include our proprietary DCT Fluid which eliminates gear smearing!  This trans is your best shot to allow the gears to live and handle up to 800 torque / 1000WHP under $7k.  Oh, and it also includes our amazing carbon clutch seals!!



OPTIONAL: Billet one-piece even and odd clutch baskets $500 each


    We make it easy!  This unit ships filled and fully tested!  Yes, you read that right and we are the only company to perform this service.  

    We install, test and run each GR6 before it leaves our facility.  We have 2 test-mule GT-Rs here purely for this purpose.  The tests performed are:

    1. Warm-up and relearn pass
    2. Data log pressures vs. target to assure all is happy HERE
    3. Test drive on the street to assure proper function and 'feel'.

    You will never get a malfunctioning GR6 from us!


    This unit truly is an engineering marvel and is an incredible deal for what you get.  There is nothing else on the market in this price range which includes so much detail and upgraded parts.  Take a look at the list of parts and compare to other builds equivalent to ours.  You pay extra for the fluid, upgraded seals, synchro sleeves, ETS rebuild, etc.  This adds up quickly, but it's all included with ours to make this an easy process!


    What is the big deal about the OEM 2-6 getting polished and our new fluid??  The OEM 2-6 gears are very strong, but they have an overheating problem.  The heat starts at the root of the tooth and the gear begins to 'smear' from the root out.  As you stress the gear repeatedly this process will weaken the gear and it will break.  The solution is obviously to keep the gear cool, but super slick fluid will make your clutches slip, so how do you deal with that?  Micro polishing reduces friction which will reduce the heat.  On top of that we are also including our amazing DCT fluid which is so slick and so durable that it eliminates the gear overheating and smearing completely without changing clutch performance!  Yes, we didn't believe it either but ran this fluid through the ringer and it truly works!  This sets the OEM 2-6 up to live under the most extreme conditions that would have killed them in the past.

    When you receive this trans it will be filled with our fluid and ready to go!  Simply install, relearn and done.  It couldn't be easier and it's backed by Jacks Trans.

    Please read about the rebuild process HERE

    We handle everything for this build in-house.  Shipping your trans is simple, please contact us for help.

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