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GT-R GR6 DCT Transmission Fluid Change Kit (ROAD RACE)


This kit includes everything you need to change the fluid in your GR6:

  • Nissan factory sump filter (ROAD RACE version)
  • Nissan Line Filter (will catch down to 10 microns)
  • 11 liters of Jacks Trans DCT Race Fluid (allows for longer gear life)
  • 2 liters of Motul Rear Diff Fluid (blue factory fluid from Nissan)
  • 21 quality oil pan bolts (replaces factory which are too short and strip)
  • Oil pan drain plug with crush sealing washer
  • Oil pan gasket

How to install the filters yourself:

 Do you need a DRAG or ROAD RACE sump filter?

This is a data log of what a clogged line filter looks like.  Note how line pressure (ORANGE LINE) drops off and can't keep up with target (BLUE LINE) at low pressure conditions:

Here is another data log of the same unit with the line filter replaced.  Note how line pressure (ORANGE LINE) follows target (BLUE LINE) perfectly:

It's very hard to see the junk in the factory filter.  Sometimes when they are cut apart it's shocking what is found inside, as you can see from this OEM unit below:

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