Sometimes we wonder what people are thinking...  The vast majority of the aftermarket fuel regulator mounts for the GT-R bolt directly to the engine-bay firewall with no sound insulation whatsoever.  This allows injector pulse noise (sounds like a ticking noise) to transfer into the cabin.  It sounds like your dashboard has a loud ticking noise, and in more extreme cases you hear a growl from your dash too.  This is terribly annoying and we hate unnecessary interior noises.  We have noticed more cars lately have this issue, especially most of the cars we heard at TX2K.

We have found a great fix for this by adding vibration insulators to the fuel regulator mount.  This eliminates ALL injector noise from the regulator and makes the car not sound like a piece of crap anymore.  It is amazing the difference this small change makes and it seems to fit all of the regulator mounts we have seen to date.

Selling the vibration insulators as a pair with all mounting hardware.  It screws directly to your firewall and comes with bolts to thread them into your regulator bracket.  Easy and it's nice to have a quiet dash again.

This is one of the many nice thoughtful things we provide to our customers at the shop when their car is here for service.  Little things like this make a big difference in the feel and quality of a build and we are sharing this with the public.  We think you guys will really like it!  Simple yet very effective.  Keep the GT-R quiet inside and feel like a quality car again, add some vibration insulators!


Please note-  If you have a fuel gauge attached to the front of the regulator, you may have to make a small cut to your plastic engine cover for proper fitment as the insulators will move the assembly forward a bit.

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Fuel Pressure Regulator Bracket Vibration Insulators - GTR

  • $25.00

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