• Drag 750 Build Service – 8HP51 / 8HP45

ZF8HP51 / ZF8HP45

Toyota Supra 2020+ A90/A91  --  BMW's equiped with the 8HP45 / 50 / 51

Drag 750 Build Service Includes:

  • Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch E (+2 frictions)
  • Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch C (+2 frictions)
  • Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch D (+1 friction)
  • Transmission Fully Disassembled and Cleaned
  • All seals, Bearing, and Bushings Inspected
  • New Fill Plug
  • New Pan and Filter Assembly
  • 9L of our Race Fluid
  • Fully in-car Tested

Want to take the trans a step further? Designed in-house and made from 4340 steel, our E Hub is available for the Drag 750 package.
Upgrading the E Hub is highly recommended for those who are making at/above 700 ft/lbs. When the stock hub breaks, it generally leaves a path of carnage behind. 


The upgrade service is very affordable and perfect for a mildly modified Supra / BMW.


In this build we address the three main weak points of this transmission, Clutch E, C and D. Clutches E and C are small and take a lot of the torque in 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th. This is why a stock transmission will slip in 5th or 6th when overpowered. We upgrade the frictions and steels in both these clutches but also add two plates to the stock clutch count. The D clutch gets a similar treatment but with only one extra plate. All clutches are set to specific tolerances to ensure they work properly and tighten up the shifts even more than a stock transmission.

We also fully test each transmission in our shop Supra. Every transmission gets driven on to ensure it is performing correctly.

Core exchanges are available for the 8HP51. Our transmission cores do NOT ship with a valve body. You will need to swap your VB over to the new transmission prior to installation.

** Note that in most cases, you will have to reset adaptation values in your TCM with a transmission build **

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Drag 750 Build Service – 8HP51 / 8HP45

  • $2,300.00

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