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Torque Damper Build Service


One of the most common failures of the SST Transmission is broken springs inside of the damper assembly. The primary functions of a torque damper is to reduce the vibrations within the powertrain system. The OEM springs inside of the factory damper are weak and will typically break within 30-60k miles. When these springs break, vibrations / harmonics resonate throughout the transmission, causing a cascading amount of additional problems: driveability issues, transmission service lights, damaged shift forks, clutch drag, and more!

Instead of purchasing a new assembly from Mitsubishi, which will continue to have the same problems, we offer a repair / upgrade service! We have invested an extensive amount of resources into R&D; testing various types of spring designs / materials and have developed a viable solution which plagues every TC-SST / DCT470 Transmission. Our rebuild service includes utilizing a much more reliable spring design which is, simply, superior when compared to an OEM assembly.

We will need you to send us your damper for this repair / upgrade service.

Please call or email us if you have any questions.

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