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GTR/GR6 Trans 18k Service


The Nissan GT-R GR6 trans needs fluid changes every 18,000 miles to assure proper operation.  We provide this service along with TSB and valve body modifications here at Jacks Transmissions.  We offer many options to help keep your GR6 transmission happy for many years to come!  

Why not have the routine maintenance of your GT-R performed at a clean and professional facility which knows your vehicle intimately?

First-Time 18k Service ($1350)

Our standard GR6 trans service includes the following:

It is uncommon to find a facility like ours which is willing to supply so many updates to a routine service like this at such low cost! Most shops charge our $1150 for the fluid change ONLY.  Our listed upgrades and services are just icing on the cake!  

In the end you will have superior fluid, superior filtering, superior trash magnets, and a trans which will never break shift forks or synchro sleeves!  An unheard of bargain for the money.

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