Jacks Transmissions used to offer low budget options for those which didn't have a lot of money to spend on their transmission.  GR6 units are expensive to build, so offering something at a lower cost helped many customers achieve their goals.  This created problems for us and we are no longer going to offer low budget pre-built units.  The reason for this is when the low budget unit failed it created a lot of warranty and confidence issues with our company.  More info HERE.  It was a difficult decision to remove the low budget builds because that was an option many people appreciated, but we believe we may have come up with a new plan which will work better for everyone! 

We are going to try 'Build Your Own GR6'.  If you have done your research and know what you want, and don't mind taking a chance on a build using fewer parts than our main builds to save on costs, then this option is for you!  However, we will only warranty the NEW PARTS INSTALLED and nothing more!  So if you decide to keep factory OEM gears in your build and they break and ruin everything in the trans- there is nothing we can do.  We will help in any way we can to try to repair it, but it's not our problem.  It's a risk you chose to take so it's on you. One very important thing to remember about these units is they get more expensive the more reliable you want them to be.  Power is not hard, it's the reliability.  So if you get the bare minimum for your goals on the trans, expect it to break soon.  If you want the best parts and best builds we offer, go HERE.

Listed below are parts and services we offer.  If you know what you're doing and know what you want, then email us with the list of parts you choose for your build and we can send you an official estimate.


CLUTCH OPTIONS (stock is a 12-plate 6+6)

  1. 14-Plate Clutch 850hp/700ft/lbs $1495 (laser baskets)
  2. 16-Plate Clutch 1000hp/800ft/lbs $1895 (laser baskets)
  3. 18-Plate Clutch 1100hp/900ft/lbs $3495 (billet baskets)
  4. 20-Plate Clutch 1200hp/1000ft/lbs $5895 (billet baskets and larger carrier)
  5. Update to our 'waffle design' frictions on any clutch above for an additional $990 for 20% more torque holding capability
  6. Jacks Trans Carbon Clutch Piston Seals $250 x2


  1. Albins 1st gear and input shaft $1880
  2. Albins 2-6 $6900
  3. Albins 'drop gears' Rear Transfer Gears $1150
  4. Albins Synchro Sleeves for CBA $300each (x4)


  1. ETS (AWD Unit) completely rebuilt with ball retainer $800
  2. Albins ETS Output Shaft and Gears $1850


  1. Main Shaft Thrust Plate $275
  2. Axis Solenoids $100 (x2)
  3. Lubrication Solenoid $100
  4. Line Pressure Solenoid $100
  5. Extended sump kit to prevent oil pressure loss $950
  6. Rear diff LSD upgrade $650

There you go!  You have the power so use it wisely!


An example of how to do this is let's say you wanted to build our old Drag 800 which had 1st gear, 16-plate clutch and ETS rebuild.  It would look like this:

16-Plate Clutch 1000hp/800ft/lbs $1895
Albins 1st gear and input shaft $1880
ETS (AWD Unit) completely rebuilt with ball retainer $800


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