Jacks Transmissions takes great care in the inspection and replacement of your hubs and sleeves in the V160 6-speed trans.  The engagement teeth on the sleeve serves 4 purposes:

  1. To preload the synchro ring and align it for the shift
  2. To load the synchro for accurate gear synchronization
  3. To engage and lock the gear in position
  4. To transfer power from the shaft to the gear

With so many duties, the sleeve absolutely must be perfect and in correct alignment with the synchro rings in order to give you a quality shift and long life expectancy.  It's too important to the quality of the unit to skip this detail.

The picture below on the LEFT is of a sleeve with damaged teeth due to grinding.  Healthy sleeve on the RIGHT.  The sleeve on the left will not allow for a nice shift:


If you select a Stage 2 or higher build, you will also get the new revised version of the sleeves for your trans!  The new revision allows for more accurate high RPM shifting, smoother engagement and longer life.

Picture below of the old style assembly on the LEFT and new revision on the RIGHT.  Note how much better the key assembly fits in the hub and sleeve in the newer revision allowing the assembly to be more stable and reliable.  This is an expensive upgrade, but necessary to give you the best shift possible from your trans:


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