The forks found in the Supra 6-speed trans are very durable, but have some issues:
  1. The shift fork pins are known to back out and fail
  2. The fork can break if the driver continues to force the trans into gear with a grinding synchro

It is never wise to force a trans into gear, but many do.  When a trans is preventing you from completing a shift, it is trying to tell you something.  Forcing it into gear and grinding the gear is tossing hundreds of dollars out the window.  Listen to your trans and stop if it is upset.  99% of fork and synchro failures are caused by a dragging clutch.  Check your clutch frequently to get the most out of your forks and synchros.

Shift fork pins are a common annoyance with the V160.  A trans which is well cared for can still have this problem at any time.  We remove the old pins and replace them with either reinforced pins or bolts depending on the application.  For those of you with a stage 2 or higher build, or a race car, you get the bolt upgrade as standard procedure.  




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