Jacks Transmissions not only rebuilds quality transmissions, but we also have a full service center. Our service area is very clean and orderly.  The service area has 2 lifts, TIG welding services, 3 phase industrial plasma cutting machine, two industrial spinjet parts washers, milling machine, lathe, shot peen machine, solvent tanks, industrial band saw, chop saw, many engine stands, engine hoist, trans jacks, fender covers to prevent scratches, paper floor mats to keep your interior clean, exhaust vac system to run your car indoors, the best tools and test equipment money can buy, clean and glossy epoxy floors, gloss white epoxy walls, a service cart for every car (to keep your parts together and off the floor or from getting lost), and a comfortable work environment.  We have all of the correct tools to do it right, right here. Our service techs also own and race/modify the same vehicles they service, so they know them very well. Our employees are people that range from the electrical engineering type geeks all the way to the seasoned ASC certified tech. The employees love working here and love the cars as they are car enthusiasts themselves. What better people to have service your vehicle!

We have a huge parts inventory. We recently purchase a lot of Mitsubishi parts cages full of brand new factory parts. Everything from cam sensors to crankshafts we have here brand new, factory original, and in the original boxes. We also have a large storage unit in the building and two 54ft semi truck trailers docked on the side of the building to hold all of our used parts. We have many 1 and 2G parts cars which also help find that ‘hard to locate’ part you may need. We literally have everything your car will need new or used right here.

Unable to service the vehicle yourself? That’s no problem! Don’t take your car to a repair shop that knows nothing about your vehicle, bring it to us! We have had customers bring their car down to us for the peace of mind that it’s done right as far as Alaska. Transmissions are also shipped to us World Wide.  We are the perfect place to do any mechanical repairs to your vehicle as we specialize in them and have everything needed in-house to do it right.  We are not just some local small shop, we are known Word Wide for our work.

Lets say you have an EVO that needs a clutch replaced. Here is an example of what we would do over the average shop:

Common things we find when ’Joe’s Generic Auto Repair’ gets ahold of your car:

1) Give you a high quote because EVOs are scary to work with and complicated. Plus, they have a turbo and any turbo vehicle get charged more.

Jacks Transmissions has flat rates for servicing your vehicle. Please call or email for a quote! You would be surprised at how low our service rates are and we dare you to compare and find a place to do it for less. Yes, we know we should charge a lot more as it’s done right, but we want your repeat business and with the correct tools, which we have here, the repairs go faster and smoother which costs you less.

2) They will screw up the alignment, because for some reason every shop that knows very little about these vehicles feels the need to have to pull all of the front suspension components out when pulling the front CV shafts. So not only will you be paying more for the service from those that are not familiar with your vehicle, it will take more time and you will have to pay to get an alignment afterward.

Jacks Transmissions knows how to R&R a trans correctly in any vehicle so as to not disturb the suspension components or alignment. In EVOs and 2G DSMs, we don’t even have to pull off the wheels!

3) They will force the t-case out incorrectly with a pry-bar damaging the sealing surfaces between the t-case and trans. On top of that, they will damage the tail housing shield as that’s easy to do when you try to pull the whole t-case out incorrectly.

Jacks Transmissions knows how the t-case and trans sealing and lubrication systems work, because we also rebuild them. No damage will come to any of these parts when removed by us.

4) The trans will be removed without unbolting the subframe. This will make them force it out and damage the end of the trans case which will not allow it the shift properly when driven later.

Click here. Jacks Transmissions takes great care in unbolting and moving the subframe to make plenty of room for the trans to be removed easily without touching or being forced out.

5) When installing a new clutch, they may not be familiar with the checks required to be sure the clutch will work properly and just blindly pop it in.

Click here Jacks Transmissions knows how your transmission works and rebuilds them for customers World Wide. Because of this, we know how a clutch works and are able to spot if something is wrong or needs to be machined or cleaned up to make it right. We have also made a tool to insure proper alignment of twin disk clutches to be sure there is no damage to the disks during trans installation.

6) When they reinstall your trans, they will chew up the TOB retaining clip and case because of lack of room as they did not move the subframe. This could damage your new clutch and damage the trans.

Jacks Transmissions moves the subframe during removal which also helps the install of the trans at this time. When we install the trans our way, it slips right in without any force, without bumping and damaging the TOB clip, and without damaging the case.

7) When filling the trans with fluid they may use the wrong gear oil which could damage the trans or make it shift like garbage. Jacks Transmissions uses the correct fluid which we keep in stock designed for the sensitive synchros in your transmission.

8) When filling the t-case they may also use the wrong fluid or fill it incorrectly which could cost you thousands of dollars!

Click here Jacks Transmissions knows how to fill your t-case right and we know everything about them due to the fact that we also rebuild them.

9) When the car is back together, they will just ship it out and call it good.

Jacks Transmissions has a list of checks our techs need to perform before the vehicle owner is called and told it’s ‘ready to go’. One of the most important checks is for clutch drag and proper clutch adjustment Click here

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can be done wrong and cost a lot of money in damages with only a simple clutch replacement in an EVO. Whether it’s a timing belt job, brake job, trans rebuild, or engine rebuild rest assured that our fully insured company will do it right and you will be able to enjoy the vehicle in service for a long time without the worry of something failing due to poor work or inexperience.

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