This machine helps remove contaminants from hard to reach areas.  This unit pushes 500PSI of hot soapy water via a pulse water jet through a tube.  We can control the jet by hand to direct anywhere on a part.  This unit does a very good job of flushing contaminants from oil passages, magnets, screen filters, and areas which are impossible to reach by hand to flush and clean.  

This machine is also used to help push all of the loose material from oil passages which have been freed by the Ultrasonic cleaner.  We use it very often, especially in those units which have had a catastrophic failure, and require serious flushing to assure everything is removed.



One of our competitors claims that he goes the extra mile by using brake cleaner to flush passages in your trans.  With this machine, combined with the Ultrasonic, it makes the typical brake clean user look terribly dirty and not very thorough. 

Below is a typical part which will collect metal inside the oil passage.


Note we have stuck the nozzle in the passage and below is the machine blowing all of the junk out of it:


Imagine 500PSI of hot soapy water pulsating through a passage.  It completely cleans the part in seconds!

Another example below.  This is an EVO 8 input shaft.  Oil is fed through the end of the shaft and exits out of small holes along the side of the shaft to feed gear thrust surfaces, synchros and bearings their needed oil.  These always get caked with material which needs to be flushed: 


Picture below with the pulse jet running the other direction to assure all debris is out:


This is another machine which we have never seen in any other shop and has proven to be a very valuable tool for cleaning units and keeping our quality of work just one step higher.

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