We have found a way to reduce costs substantially with our new GT-R trans clutch piston seals.  They use the factory pistons so you don't have to pay $1200-1500 per piston for billet units, reducing complexity, and they are designed using PTFE Carbon Impregnated Rings which are excellent for high pressure automatic transmission applications.  Why Nissan didn't use a quality seal like this is unknown, but at least now there is an affordable option to replace the defective factory seal!  Our seals sell for only $250 each if you want to buy them outright.  We include these amazing seals in ALL of our builds listed on the site.  These seals are designed for 20+ bar pressure and to last the life of the vehicle! 

Another great reliability assurance update by Jacks Transmissions!  Never worry about blowing a clutch seal again in your GR6.

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