We have noticed a problem with the Exedy twin disk units for the EVO 8-9 that people are mistaking for a trans problem. If you are using an Exedy twin disk clutch, please note some have a problem of sticking at idle when the clutch is depressed which will cause the trans to feel terribly notchy when shifting into gear from a stop. This is happening due to insufficient floater plate to basket clearance. The floater is cast and the basket is not. The difference in materials cause the assembly to stick when the vehicle warms up as the parts are expanding at different rates, so the floater will not let go of the disk and cause a low RPM clutch drag issue. To prevent this problem we recommend the following before installing our trans when using the Exedy twin disk:

1)Disassemble the clutch assembly.
2)Polish the area on the basket that makes contact with the floater (the arms).
3)Polish each side of the arms around the basket thoroughly.

This will prevent the floater from sticking by adding more clearance and a nice polished smooth surface for the floater to make contact with. When done correctly, your new trans will shift perfectly at low RPM!

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