The EVO III 1st 3rd, 4th and 5th gears are the strongest helical units with the coolest ratios on the market!

1st gear

OEM 1 st gear has a stock ratio of 3.083

EVO III 1 st gear has a ratio of 2.750 which is 11% taller than stock. Taller than the GVR4 gear, and it’s the strongest 1st gear on the market! We can double synchro the EVO III or OEM gear for you also. Pic below is of EVO III 1 st (left) and OEM 1 st (right).

dsm evo1st

2nd gear

To take a single synchro 2nd gear and replace it with a double synchro unit is nothing magical. All it is, seriously, is a late 1G AWD double synchro gear you can get from the Mits dealer. They are all the same ratio at 1.864 unless you have a FWD/GS-T. We don’t replace this gear unless it is damaged. We have the cool CNC milling equipment to double synchro your OEM gear already, so why spend the extra money on buying the whole gear? Pic below of brand new factory late 1G double synchro gear (left), single synchro (right) and OEM that we double synchroed ourselves (bottom).

dsm 2nd

3rd gear

OEM 3 rd gear has a stock ratio of 1.115

EVO III 3 rd gear has a ratio of 1.160. This gear has one less tooth than the OEM unit and is double synchro! It is also the strongest gear on the market! Pic below of EVO III (left), OEM (center 2), and our super double synchro 3 rd (right).

dsm 3rd

4th gear

OEM 4 th gear has a stock ratio of .0833

EVO III 4 th gear has a ratio of .0862. Yes, it also comes with the very cool double synchro!! Pic below of EVO III 4 th (left), OEM (center 2), and our super double synchro 4 th (right).

dsm 4th

5th gear

Depending on the year and if your unit is AWD or FWD, the EVO III 5 th gear is the 10% taller unit. EVO III (left) OEM (right).

dsm 5th

Now that you know the ratios, lets see how we can make the super secretive ‘close ratio’ units! Looks like the EVO III 1 st is taller, so that would make the ratio between 1 st and 2 nd real close. EVO III 3 rd, well, that one just happens to be shorter, so wouldn’t you know, your 2 nd to 3 rd with the EVO III is now close as well! EVO III 4 th will get you closer to 3 rd!!! That was easy! EVO III 1 st, 3 rd and 4 th will give you that close ratio trans that is so hard to do.

So why does share this info? Well, it makes the more savvy customers able to choose more of what they want from us. You now know the ratios, which are double synchro, stronger, etc. Our builds we have on this site are our most common units, but we can build you whatever you want! You want our super double synchro in 3rd or 4th? How about a close ratio 1, 2, 3? Taller, yet strongest 1st gear you can get? We are more than happy to build you the best tranny you could ever want! We have many customers that ship us parts for machining services and we don’t mind selling parts. At our shop, you are in full control of what you get! Make it what you want!

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