Listed below are the PPG gear ratios for the BRZ / FRS Transmissions. The chart calculates vehicle speeds based on the gear ratio, final drive ratio, and tire size. Changing to a taller or shorter final drive ratio can customize your overall gear ratios, specific to your application. This chart is just a guide, as other factors could affect your end result.

 Note: These gears and final drives are available for sale HERE.  We can also build / upgrade your transmission in-house. 

Gears   PPG Gear Ratios -- Final Drive 4.100:1   OEM Gear Ratios -- Final Drive 4.100:1
1st Gear   2.921   3.626
2nd Gear   1.971   2.188
3rd Gear   1.479   1.541
4th Gear   1.183   1.213
5th Gear   1.000   1.000
6th Gear   0.876   0.767
The following speeds are based on an OEM tire diameter of 24.62"
    3000 RPM   3000 RPM
1st   18mph   15mph
2nd   27mph   25mph
3rd   36mph   35mph
4th   45mph   44mph
5th   54mph   54mph
6th   61mph   70mph
    5000 RPM   5000 RPM
1st   31mph   25mph
2nd   45mph   41mph
3rd   61mph   58mph
4th   76mph   74mph
5th   90mph   89mph
6th   102mph   117mph
    6000 RPM   6000 RPM
1st   37mph   30mph
2nd   55mph   49mph
3rd   73mph   70mph
4th   91mph   88mph
5th   108mph   107mph
6th   123mph   140mph
    7000 RPM   7000 RPM
1st   43mph   35mph
2nd   64mph   57mph
3rd   85mph   81mph
4th   106mph   103mph
5th   125mph   125mph
6th   143mph   163mph
    7500 RPM   7500 RPM
1st   46mph   37mph
2nd   68mph   61mph
3rd   91mph   87mph
4th   114mph   111mph
5th   134mph   134mph
6th   153mph   175mph
    8000 RPM   8000 RPM
1st   49mph   39mph
2nd   73mph   65mph
3rd   97mph   93mph
4th   121mph   118mph
5th   143mph   143mph
6th   164mph   186mph
    8500 RPM   8500 RPM
1st   52mph   42mph
2nd   77mph   69mph
3rd   103mph   99mph
4th   129mph   125mph
5th   152mph   152mph
6th   174mph   198mph

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