A new feature of Jacks Transmissions is personalized updates! We want our customers to feel confident and comfortable with our company. We are one of the few companies that will update the customer regularly and with possible pictures of their unit as it progresses through the rebuild process.

In most cases, with our competitors, you will have a tracking number for your unit in transit to the location, and then a tracking number when it ships back to you. We feel this is not a good way to keep the customer informed and we want to include our customers with the build process.

Including your email address when ordering from us will allow us to give more accurate updates and to have pictures sent for your records. Our technician, which will be performing the rebuild, will contact you once the unit is torn down and cleaned as to the condition and progress. We may also include a few pictures.

We have an exceptionally clean facility and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment HERE. We don't see any reason why not to show off your clean trans during assembly.

We believe in attention to detail when performing your rebuild, and this should not be missed when it comes to customer communication either. Below is an example of what to expect from us when we receive your unit for rebuild. Please note, again, we must have your email address in order to perform this update service!

Picture of Supra trans on assembly bench to show the Micropolished gear sets and new parts to be used

micropolished gear sets

Picture of a wiped out gear which has been weakened.  Customer decided to have it replaced to keep reliability for his high powered application:

wiped out gear

Picture of a badly damaged part:

badly damaged part

Providing this service will not only keep the customer informed, but will also keep the quality of the rebuild up so the customer can see what is going on and make the decision to either keep or replace parts which could be questionable.

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