Engines (4G63, 4G64, 4B11)

Congratulations!  Finally kill your knocking, oil burning, mosquito killing 100+k mile engine?  Don't let it happen again by choosing a high end, high quality, blueprinted engine from us.

Jacks Transmissions also rebuilds engines and they are of the highest quality in the business!  We have the knowledge and ability to build anything including OEM 2.0L, Forged 2.0L, 2.1L, 2.1L (LR), 2.3L Stroker, 2.4L and 2.4L (LR).  Our 4G64 EVO engines are also unique in that our blocks do not require welding of the water pump.  Everything in our EVO 4G64 builds will fit as intended without the need to weld or modify parts.  Each engine is machined, blueprinted and assembled in such unbelievable attention to detail that you will be hard pressed to find this level of quality anywhere else!

We have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment which other engine builders could only dream of.  Exceptionally clean parts is key to a quality engine build, and we take this very seriously.  This is only one detail, of many, that is missed by other builders.

With the best cleaning equipment, we also have a very clean facility.  All engines are built in a spotless environment and using tools, and benches, which are clean and only used for assembly purposes.  In other words, the same tools used to pull your dirty old engine out of your car are NOT the same tools used to rebuild your pristine engine afterward. Take a look at the typical shop and check their tools.  It is shocking how dirty things are in most shops and that dirt will end up in your engine to scratch your cylinders, oil pump housing, bearings and many other parts.  That doesn't happen here.

Top 13 other small details include:

Cylinder Head:

1) We use high temp valve seals in your cylinder head to prevent oil consumption and smoking.  In performance applications, the OEM seals, or cheap auto store seals, are not good enough and will leak in short time.  Our seals are of the highest quality and can live under high heat conditions, found at your exhaust valves, during high boost and continuous high loading.  We have yet to see anyone else use the same valve seals found in our engines.  More info about seals HERE.

2)  We grind the valves to allow for longer life, and better valve cooling, for turbo applications.  Most machine shops grind the valves the same for turbo and non-turbo applications.  Grinding a valve too narrow, as seen in a non-turbo head, can cause leaky or burned valves in short time if used in a turbo head.  It is very surprising to us how many builders grind the valves for a turbo application in a way that should only be used in a non-turbo application.

3) We remove the old guides by drilling them out.  Saving the casting of the head and allowing for a cleaner install of new guides.  More info HERE


4) We blueprint your bottom-end unlike anyone else in the industry!  We re-size connecting rods to fit each journal of your crankshaft perfectly.  We do not just slap your rods in the engine as they sit, and call it good with plastigage, as 99% of others do.  We measure each part with the proper tooling and calculate the perfect clearance for each journal by performing the expensive and time consuming machine work others don't.  For those of you with a 2G DSM, or EVO 8-9 4G63 engine, we go even further!  We take early style 6-bolt rods (which are too wide for the crank) and machine/narrow them down to our own specs to fit you crankshaft perfectly.  The results are 2 fold: 

  • We will be able to use larger rod bearings to help with longevity and durability.
  • We will have rods custom fit to you crank for the perfect journal and rod side clearance.  Rod side clearance is always terribly loose in the 2G DSM and EVO engines as aftermarket rod manufacturers do this to cover their ass.  We set them up correctly to our specs for any street or strip application.  You get a truly blueprinted engine from us!

5) We resurface the block and cylinder head so it is friendly to any gasket, OEM or MLS (multi-layered steel).  The block deck surface is very important to get right.  The surface is known to 'sink' over time around the cylinders of your block which makes the fire-ring seal weak due to too much clearance.  This will cause head gasket problems and the issue of pushing coolant.  Feel confident that you will not have that problem with us!

6) Complete rotating assemblies are balanced.  If you can, please give us your clutch, flywheel and crank pulley, so we can bolt those to the rotating assembly also for a more complete balance of your engine.

7) We have extensive experience with nearly all piston manufacturers.  We know exactly what your PTW (piston-to-wall) clearances need to be for the best performance, life and minimal oil consumption from your pistons and rings.  The type of fuel to be used, boost pressures, piston metallurgy, compression, and street/strip or road race use will change what the PTW needs to be.  We will know exactly what you need for your application to assure a long and trouble free service life from your new engine.

8) We have a torque plate to keep things straight during cylinder boring.

9) We paint and clear-coat your parts for a glossy, and long lasting finish.

10) We make our own balance shaft elimination kits depending on HP, rev limits and application to assure long oil pump life.  Note that warnings about removing balance shafts HERE

11) We have solutions to prevent crank walk for your 2G 7-bolt.  More info HERE


12) Personalized service with updates and pictures as to the progress of your engine.  A rare find in any business which specializes in the rebuilding of your unit!  More info HERE.

13) We are very flexible and can usually build an engine in any way you want using any parts you prefer.  Some parts are just not good enough, so please let us know what you had in mind and we will give our honest opinion.  Please note, we no longer install camshaft regrinds. The past 3 out of 4 sets of reground camshafts have been machined incorrectly and caused problems. Sorry, but you will have to buy real cams

Below are the different types of engine rebuild options we offer for 6-bolt, 7-bolt, EVO, 4G63 and 4G64 engines. If you don’t see anything you are looking for please email us  We can also build LR (long-rod), stroker, high RPM, high torque, high HP, race and factory engines.

UPDATE: We also rebuild the EVO X 4B11 engine and are very familiar with them!  Contact us for details!

Our engines are extremely reliable. We keep up to date on the latest technology for head gaskets, tooling and parts for your cylinder head, fasteners, seals, pistons, compression, cams, etc.

Going to have a lot of power and not want to push coolant? Want the best compression to take advantage of E85? Want a 2.4 that will love 9K RPM? No problem!