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SST Clutch Upgrades ONLY

$699.99 $2,099.99

This is what everyone else offers when it comes to SST upgrades, but we charge a lot less.  In fact, what most charge for the parts alone is what we charge INSTALLED.  We very highly recommend that you have the full repair service HERE performed instead as we address all issues with the SST in that build.  Plus, with our full build, you also have the option of upgrades there too with a FULL WARRANTY. If we perform the upgrades 'ONLY' for your current problem, then the transmission could fail again in short time due to other weak links in the unit which have not been addressed.  Due to this, we can't offer a warranty for a single repair/upgrade only as it's too risky for us.

The best way to explain- when upgrading the clutches 'only' you are not touching the transmission portion of the SST.  The SST has a clutch section and a transmission section all in one case, so when you replace the clutches, you are not touching the transmission area of the unit.  That's the same as taking your manual transmission vehicle to a clutch shop and having them replace the clutch.  They are not rebuilding the transmission, only replacing your clutch.  They will not warranty your transmission for a clutch replacement service, and neither will we for the SST.  Please keep this in mind when choosing to upgrade your SST.  Like with any manual transmission vehicle, you should upgrade your transmission to match the more aggressive clutch upgrade.  

We reluctantly offer this upgrade path as many of our competitors do it, and many customers continue to want this only, even though it is not a good option.  We don't want to hear any griping when you find that installing upgrades only didn't cure your problems, or prevent possible problems in the future for the transmission side of your SST!

On another important note.  If your SST is:

  • Slipping
  • Shifting erratically
  • Overheating
  • Unable to complete shifts
  • Clutch sticking failures/errors

Many customers, and repair shops, guess that you must need a clutch upgrade to cure the problems above.  90% of the time that's not the case and you will have expensive aftermarket clutches installed for nothing!  Again, please consider the true and complete full rebuild found HERE

If this seems like the best option for you, included with these upgrades are:

  • Clutch seals properly installed so they live and are not damaged.
  • Upgrade clutch set of your choosing from the pop-down menu at the top of this page.
  • The upgraded clutch set is precisely measured and fitted to your assembly to assure proper operation and engagement.
  • Clutches are tested before unit leaves our facility to assure proper operation.
  • All parts removed for upgrade service will be cleaned via state-of-the-art ultrasonic machine.  More info about our cleaning equipment HERE.


We know these units intimately and do NOT require you to ship your entire vehicle to us for upgrades.  Shipping the unit to us is easy- Please contact us for more info about shipping options!

More tech info about your SST HERE

Please feel free to contact us anytime about any questions, concerns, or goals for your SST.  Due to our engineering mentality, and the fact that we are crazy about new technology, the more complex the problem, the more we would like to find a solution!  

Have a twin clutch unit from another vehicle which needs service?  Like BMW, VW, Lambo, etc?  Please contact us as we would love to help you!  We have the equipment, tools, engineering and experience to perform any repair, service, or manufacture of parts to any twin clutch transmission!

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