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Main Valve Body Rebuild Service


A clean and healthy main valve body is important for proper operation and long life of the GR6. We tear the valve body down, clean all 7 filters inside, check and clean the shift pistons, and replace the two solenoids. The shift pistons are what move the forks and engage the synchros and gears. In time, if the TSB clip update has not been performed, the piston can rotate and lock into the end of the fork, causing it to bind and eventually break. We install our TSB clips in all main valve bodies which have not had this service performed in the past. This binding can also lead to scratches and gouging on the piston surface, and we can refresh those areas as for smooth operation, too.

The two Axis Solenoids are responsible for the distribution of pressure in the valve body to allow for shift selection and clutch operation. These are the two solenoids that most frequently fail and are replaced with revised / updated OEM components in every rebuild.

The valve body is tested at a component level at the bench, and if any other parts are required we can also supply them to bring the unit back to operational.

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