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'KIT A' Economy - FWD DSM / 3S


Note: We will need for you to measure the inner diameter of your 5th gear synchro. Mitsubishi was kind enough to make two different sizes for our vehicles. 

This kit is for your 90-92 DSM FWD Turbo or 3000GT / Stealth FWD Non-Turbo. This kit includes all of the parts needed for your average noisy and dead synchro unit. Please note other than the double synchro gear, your trans is still basically stock. It includes the parts below:

Please also note that you can add the double synchro 2nd gear upgrade. We will need for you to send us your 2nd gear for modifications. Also, this upgrade includes the double synchro rings for 2nd gear.

New 1-2 Shift Fork

New 3-4 Shift Fork -1G (2 guide holes)

New Synchronizer Blocker Rings (Forward Gears)

New 1-2 Synchronizer Hub
New 1-2 Synchronizer Slider

New 1-2 Synchronizer Springs
New 3-4 Synchronizer Springs

New 1-2 Synchronizer Keys / Shoes

New 5th Gear Synchronizer Blocker Ring (91+ Style)

New Input Oil Seal
New CV Axle Seals

New Tapered Bearings on each end of Intermediate Shaft 

New 1-2 Roll Pin
New 3-4 Roll Pin
New 5-R Roll Pin


You will supply us with your 2nd gear for us to modify for double synchro
Includes new 2nd Gear Double Synchro Rings

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