Video above of an Albins 4th gear pop-out issue.


Albins makes an excellent gear-set for the GR6.  They are strong, of high quality and very quiet.  They are our favorite gear set to use for the customer that wants their car to be quiet.  If you buy Albins GR6 1-6 gears from us, you get our updates to the gear set to assure proper function.  If you purchased a gear set from someone else, and now it pops out of 4th, well, that's what happens when you don't buy from us.  Albins and other vendors do not have a fix for this issue!


Albins doesn't know how to cut the engagement teeth correctly for 4th gear.  The result is a 4th gear which can pop out under load.  If you need this fixed, we are now offering this service and we are the ONLY company offering this fix.

Send us your 4th gear and we will remove the Albins faulty engagement plate and install our own.  Every gear we have performed this service to now works!  We performed this service to every Albins gear set for all of 2017- keeping it a secrete.  We are now offering this to the public.  Albins will lie up and down about this issue, but it is a serious problem.  We had to spend nearly $100k for the equipment needed to perform this fix as we could no longer trust Albins. 

In the picture attached you can see the faulty engagement plates at the bottom which were removed from our last batch of Albins 4th gears (we do a lot of these).  At the top are gears completed.  In the center is an Albins faulty 4th.


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Albins 4th Gear Repair (pop-out) - GTR / GR6

  • $650.00

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