Not very many builders know much about this unit.  In fact, we are a bit shocked at how some of our competitors say the unit is weak and terribly complicated.  This is not true!  The units can be very strong and put up with the abuse without issue!  We don't know why some say they are terribly complicated, because to us, they are simple and we love working on them!

If your differential broke, don't spend thousands on a new one!  We can rebuild it!! It is common for a failed diff housing to have a hole in the case. In most cases, the case housing can be repaired by welding. The great news is the welding repair is included with this build service! 


This Build Service Includes:

  • Ring and Pinion Gear Set
  • Pinion Bearings
  • Custom Bearing Preloads and gear contact to prevent gear breakage and wear
  • New Seals & O-Rings (excludes AYC Piston Seals)
  • OEM Fill / Drain Plug Washers
  • Complete Tear Down and Cleaning using our state of the art equipment found HERE

Our rebuild includes many hard-to-find parts and will have the unit back up and better than new!  Our standard rebuild includes a brand new ring and pinion set, all new bearings, new seals, some of our tricks to make it stronger, case repairs, and a complete cleaning with our state-of-the-art equipment.  Unit comes with a 14 month/unlimited mileage warranty!  We also have the best cleaning equipment in the business!  More info HERE

So go ahead, break it, and ship it to us!  We would be more than happy to do a proper build for your application.

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Rear Differential Build Service - EVO X

  • $1,450.00

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