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New EVO X (5-Speed)


 This is a brand new EVO X 5-Speed transmission. It includes the clutch slave cylinder with line, throw out bearing, clutch release fork, cable support bracket, shift shaft arms, and upper mount bracket.

Please provide us your complete VIN when ordering this transmission.

Want us to perform the upgrades needed to make this transmission go from NICE to WOW!? We can perform all the necessary upgrades found in our Performance staged EVO X transmission rebuild for an additional $450. Keep reading to see what is included.


The EVOX 5-speed has to be one of the most beautifully engineered transmissions we have ever seen in a Mitsubishi. The large triple synchro 1st and 2nd to the double synchro 3rd, 4th and 5th make these very strong and a joy to drive! Please read out review of the EVOX trans HERE

Unfortunately the unit will need to be serviced if raced, abused or neglected. There are also issues with the center diff pins, fork pins and 3-4 fork that might creep up to bite you as well.

The rebuilds we offer for the EVOX include all of the parts listed including our fix to the center diff pin issue, fix for the fork roller pin problems, and 3-4 fork wear so you never have to worry about it again. Our units come with the longest warranty in the business which is unlimited mileage 14 months!

Have the 3rd gear 'crunch'??  We also spend a lot of time on synchro timing, alignment and operation to give you the best shift possible.  Click -> Synchro Blueprinting


Most people are only replacing the pins when repairing/upgrading your X center diff.  This will not work!  The reason the diff pins fail is due to a lubrication issue.  The gears don't have enough oil, so they seize to the shafts which break the pins as the twisting force applied to the pins is more than they can eventually take.  Basically, the seized gear will twist the locking pin right off the shaft.  Upgraded pins will delay the failure of the shafts working their way through your case, but WILL NOT solve the lubrication issue.  What we do is tear the whole center diff down.  We modify the shafts to allow for more oil, we upgrade the pins for added insurance, and we then add scoops to the center diff housing to force more oil inside the assembly.  The way the assembly is designed is flawed in that the faster you drive your car the less oil is able to get inside.  Our scoops will force more oil in the assembly the faster you go and it works!  Some info HERE on how we do it (the link is of what we do to a DSM center diff, but it also has the same issue and your X center will get the same treatment)  If that wasn't enough, there's more!  We also modify the sun gear pins so they can float in the housing.  This modification, along with the scoops, is the major difference between our center diff rebuilds and everyone else.  Have the piece of mind that your diff will live forever with our modifications and never give you an issue again!  We offer a lifetime warranty against center diff failure due to how well our modification works!  Ask any of our competitors if they would give you a lifetime warranty on your center diff, we believe the answer to be 'NO'.

Please email us at for any questions you may have.

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