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EVO 7 Transmission Rebuild Kit


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This EVO 7 transmission rebuild kit includes all of the parts needed to properly repair grinding synchros, worn synchros, noise from input bearings, and oil leaks.

The parts include:

1st Gear Triple Synchro Rings

1st Gear Triple Synchro Spring

1st - 2nd Slider

2nd Gear Triple Synchro Rings

2nd Gear Triple Synchro Spring

3rd Gear Double Synchro Rings

3rd Gear Double Synchro Spring

3rd - 4th Slider

4th Gear Synchro Ring

4th Gear Synchro Spring

5th Gear Synchro Ring

5th Gear Synchro Spring

5th - Reverse Slider

Reverse Gear Synchro Ring

Reverse Gear Synchro Spring

New Oil Seals (Input and Output)

New and Revised Set of Input Bearings

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