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E39 S62 Engine Rebuild

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Jack, owner of Jacks Transmissions, owned a 2000 E39 M5 for a few years.  He purchased the car with a damaged engine and rebuilt it using the experience and equipment he had at hand.  Info about this process can be found HERE.  The vehicle had been driven for 25k miles without a single issue before a friend made an offer he couldn't refuse, and sold it.  The engine is still perfect to this day requiring nothing and never burns a drop of oil.

Due to the success of his personal S62 engine rebuild, we thought we would offer a build for the S62 and M62 here on our website, built by Jack himself, for you.  The S62 is not an engine that is rebuilt successfully by many and failures shortly after a rebuild are common.  Jack had studied and learned everything about the S62 when he rebuilt his engine, plus he had many years experience rebuilding various complex engines previously.  We have the correct tooling, equipment, and engineering mentality to properly service the S62 so it will live the life of the vehicle.

These wonderful M5s are getting old and engine failure is becoming more common.  The question is, do you take a chance and buy a junkyard engine, purchase a new engine, or rebuild it?  We would like for you to consider the option of a rebuild through us.  We offer a 2 year warranty on our S62 and M62 engines, and are very confident in our work due to our 100% success rate.

Parts required for an S62 engine overhaul would depend on the failure, but if it's not catastrophic, the following below would be performed:

  • Complete tear-down of the engine including the VANOS, cylinder heads, timing components, block, oil pump, throttle bodies, and intake manifold assembly
  • Parts will be cleaned using our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.  More info HERE 

Engine Block Assembly: 

  • Crankshaft will be checked, fluxed, and polished/turned.  We modify each journal of the crankshaft to fit perfectly with it's respective rod and bearing set.  We use tighter clearances than factory specs to assure no distortion from the rod big-end and no rod bearing wear (Our engines do not have the same bearing wear problems found in OEM S62's from BMW due to this detail)
  • Rods will be replaced and both ends will be checked for proper roundness and fitment to both the crankshaft and piston pin (ask about our forged rod option)
  • Pistons will be cleaned and checked (ask about our replacement forged piston option for boosted applications)
  • Piston rings replaced with latest revision and properly gapped to prevent oil consumption
  • Main and rod bearings replaced and properly fitted
  • Oil pump inspected and rebuilt using factory BMW parts
  • All engine gaskets and seals replaced
  • Block inspected for straightness and resurfaced if needed (ask about our engine block sleeving option for high powered applications)
  • Crank pulley bolts replaced
  • Main and rod bolts replaced

Cylinder Head Assemblies:

  • VANOS system completely reworked and cleaned for all 4 camshafts
  • VANOS solenoids re-soldered with high temp high nickel content solder
  • Cylinder head surfaces inspected and resurfaced for straightness
  • Valve seals replaced with Viton high temp seals
  • Valve guides, springs, retainers and cams inspected and replaced if needed
  • Head bolts replaced

Engine, Front:

  • All covers inspected and gaskets/seals replaced
  • All chains replaced
  • All tensioner guides and tensioner piston assemblies replaced
  • New water pump assembly
  • New water pump pulley

Engine, Final Assembly:

  • All hoses, crush washers, and o-rings replaced
  • All 8 throttle bodies re-aligned properly
  • All Vac system plastics replaced (known to crack and break due to old age)
  • Engine is checked for leaks using our state-of-the-art leak testing machine
  • VANOS tested and checked

    Many M5 owners run into the old M5 'TAX' (common thought is it's an M5, so charge more).  We don't believe in this and we just want to make a good living, but also sleep at night.  All of the above is included for the prices in the pop-down menu at the top of the page.  Considering a used engine sells for around the same price as our rebuilt engine, our service is a real bargain! With a confident 2 year warranty to boot, it's hard to beat our service for your M5.

    Please also consider having us remove and install the engine from your vehicle for you.  It is not much more and you will have those who are experienced do the complete job in our clean and professional facility. Why not have it all done right by those who know your vehicle intimately.

    Want a forged and sleeved bottom end for high powered applications?  Want something different than what is offered here?  Don't have a core?  Have questions?  Please feel free to EMAIL us anytime!  We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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