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Dog Box Drag Trans Build Service


This Build is a must for any DSM making over 700hp or that is heavily drag raced.

It is the absolute strongest gearset available for the DSM manual transmission.

please note: the input shaft on the dog gearset is larger spline than OEM and will require the use of an EVO 8-9 clutch disk to match the splines.


  • PPG Straight cut 1-4 dog engagement gearset with spool
  • New seals (input, output, and CV)
  • New input shaft bearings
  • New intermediate shaft bearings
  • New center diff (spool) bearings
  • New 5th synchro
  • New EVO III 3-4 shift rail


300m output shaft

Micropolish is a gentle polish on the gears done by machine that will smooth and remove some stress concentrations uniformly. It also polishes the gears in the area they make contact with other parts, so you have less friction loss which means less heat, better fuel economy, and longer life.


Please note- any additional parts needed which are not listed above and not part of this build will cost extra to replace.  We will email with pictures and detailed information if this is the case.  We know you do not like surprises, so we try to make this process as painless as possible.  If this turns out to be the case, please note that it is due to the fact that we want you to have the highest quality trans possible.  Again, quality is the key here and sometimes it costs more to do this in an aging platform.  It is not worth the risk of using a sub-par part if inspection reveals it is a weak link.

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