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Stage 2 Ultimate Final Drive (EVO 4, 5, 6, 7)


There are many options for the EVO trans. If you would like to add more or change what is included please email us.

This rebuild gives you the option of selecting which final drive you want. A taller final drive makes all of the gears taller in the trans.

Have questions regarding gear ratios and final drive ratios? We have created a chart which compares the various gear and final drive ratios: EVO Ratio Comparison

We also spend a lot of time on synchro timing, alignment and operation to give you the best shift possible.  Click -> Synchro Blueprinting

The parts replaced include:

Upgraded Final Drive gears with new intermediate shaft.
Please specify which final drive ratio you want.
You can choose either our Jacks Trans HD 4.0 or 4.1!


1st gear double synchro rings


1st gear synchro spring

1-2 slider

2nd gear double synchro rings

2nd gear synchro spring

3rd gear double synchro rings

3rd gear synchro spring

3-4 slider

4th gear synchro ring

4th gear synchro spring

5th gear synchro ring.  

Please Note: These 5th gear synchro rings will grind right out of the box!  We detail these synchros so the timing is set up correctly and the synchro works and performs properly.

5th gear synchro spring

5-R slider

Reverse gear synchro ring

Reverse gear synchro spring

Modified roll pins so they won’t back out for 1-2, 3-4, 5-R

New oil seals (input and output)

New set of input bearings

This rebuild also includes a FREE High Temperature Coating!

Parts cleaned using industrial parts washers and Aluma Blast coating.  Exceptionally clean units is one of the reasons why our transmissions are the highest quality in the business!  We have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment which other trans builders could only dream of.  More info HERE

With the best cleaning equipment, we also have a very clean facility.  All units are built in a spotless environment and using tools, and benches, which are clean and only used for assembly purposes.  In other words, the same tools used to pull your dirty old trans out of your car are NOT the same tools used to rebuild your pristine unit afterward. Take a look at the typical shop and check their tools.  It is shocking how dirty things are in most shops and that dirt will end up in your unit.  That doesn't happen here. 

Your unit is also shipped in a double walled custom made box for Jacks Transmissions.  Your unit will be sitting snugly, and safely, in preformed foam pads to assure trouble free delivery.


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