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*Drag 1300* 1700WHP Complete Rebuild Service



We make it easy!  This unit ships filled and fully tested!  Yes, you read that right and we are the only company to perform this service.  

We install, test and run each GR6 before it leaves our facility.  We have 2 test-mule GT-Rs here purely for this purpose.  The tests performed are:

  1. Warm-up and relearn pass
  2. Data log pressures vs. target to assure all is happy HERE
  3. Test drive on the street to assure proper function and 'feel'.

You will never get a malfunctioning GR6 from us!

This trans is built for drag racing, road racing and daily street use!  This service will address TSBs, 1st gear failures, 2-6 gear failures, seal and clutch issues, ETS failures, clutch baskets and retaining clip failures.  The unit will operate at 1700hp/1400 torque and shift smooth with our 'Soft Touch' clutch system.

This build includes our highest quality parts.  The gear set and clutch system allows this trans to operate smoothly and quietly making it a great option for daily use on the street, yet do everything you need at the track.

Please read about the rebuild process HERE.  Why did our builds change?  Click HERE to find out.

We handle everything for this build in-house.  Shipping your trans is simple, please contact us for help.

Update - March 2017: Albins is recommending the use of this shaft in conjunction with their full gear sets for all cars over 1000hp. Using an OEM secondary shaft with their 1-6 gear set could potentially introduce intermittent shifting issues on higher powered GTR's. Additional information about this shaft can be found here:  Albins Secondary Shaft


    Other options we highly recommend if you have a CBA GT-R:

    Options available for both CBA and DBA:


    Want to add more power to the front wheels for better traction and 60ft?  You will then need these parts below.  With our proprietary ETS torque output calibration (using our in-house test station) installing the Albins ETS Output Shaft, the right tires and tune you can achieve consistent 1.3 60ft at the track!


    Please email us if you have any questions or would like to change anything offered in this service to fit your needs.

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