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3S Transfer Case Rebuild

$600.00 $725.00

This is an OEM build service for your 3S Transfer Case. It includes replacing bearings, seals, and the input coupler / sleeve. Please note, if your internal pinion gear / shaft are damaged, we will consider this a non-serviceable core. 

The T-Case Build Service Includes:

Seals (Coupler and Yoke)

Coupler / Sleeve

Sleeve / Pinion Bearings

We are offering gear treatments for the Ring / Pinion gears. These treatments will help strengthen the internals, as well as, aide in longevity / reliability. You can choose between WPC and Micropolish Gear Treatments. 

Parts are cleaned using industrial parts washers.  Exceptionally clean units is one of the reasons why our products are the highest quality in the business!  We have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment which other builders could only dream of.

We have the standard large industrial washer, but after the parts run through that machine, which is all most builders have, we use other pieces of equipment which will assure your parts are truly clean.  Our best of the 'ultimate cleaning machines' is a large 110gal Omegasonics, Ultrasonic cleaner which can fit large items like engine blocks.  



WPC is a permanent surface treatment that reduces friction while strengthening the part. Its unique micro-dimple formation pattern greatly reduces friction and is unmatched by conventional methods of surface treatment. It is a proven process that has been utilized for many years in the racing and automotive industry and is complimented by utilizing our micropolish treatment. WPC can strengthen parts in two ways. First it adds an extremely high level of compressive stress at, and near, the surface. The second, is that the WPC treatment creates a Nano - Crystalline structure at the surface of the metal. Both of these mean that metal fatigue and crack initiation are both noticeably reduced; thus strengthening the gears and shafts inside of the transmission.


Micropolishing is a gentle polish on the gears done by machine that will smooth and remove some stress concentrations uniformly. It also polishes the gears in the area they make contact with other parts, so you have less friction loss which means less heat, better fuel economy, and longer life.


With the best cleaning equipment, we also have a very clean facility.  All units are built in a spotless environment and using tools, and benches, which are clean and only used for assembly purposes.  In other words, the same tools used to pull your dirty old t-case out of your car are NOT the same tools used to rebuild your pristine unit afterward. Take a look at the typical shop and check their tools.  It is shocking how dirty things are in most shops and that dirt will end up in your unit.  That doesn't happen here. 

Your unit is also shipped in a double walled custom made box for Jacks Transmissions.  Your unit will be sitting snugly, and safely, in preformed foam pads to assure safe delivery.



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