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VENDOR GR6 Parts Exchange Program

You are in this business to make money.  You have a ton of R35s in your shop and you can repair and upgrade them without issue.  No job is too big and business is booming! 

Unfortunately, you can do anything but the trans.  When it comes time to repair or upgrade the trans there are many negatives and it cuts into your profits as a business.  The average shop has to do the following when a GR6 needs attention:

  1. Remove the trans from the vehicle.
  2. Strap it to a pallet for shipping.
  3. Pay freight shipping costs (takes 1 week to freight ship a GR6 each way)
  4. You then get a bill for the repairs or upgrades from the shop which built the trans, but only a small cut of that is profit for you.
  5. You have to fork over the large amount of money from your business to pay for that finished trans.  This doesn't allow you to use that money for other things until you get paid for the job.
  6. Pay freight shipping back.
  7. Have a few weeks of down time due to this process.
  8. You had a car sitting in your shop taking up space those few weeks while this whole process went through.

We understand this is frustrating as you want a job done quickly.  The faster you can get that car out of there the more money you make.  With all of the time lost, car sitting doing nothing, and the small cut off a big bill doesn't sound fair.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just build the trans there?

We are now offering parts exchange programs for vendors.  We have tried this through 2015 with a few willing vendors and they all absolutely LOVE it!  The benefits of working with our parts exchange program are:

  1. You never have to ship the trans out again.
  2. You make the money on labor.
  3. All is done in-house at your location.
  4. Weeks of time saved.
  5. It's fast so you turn the car around quickly.

Knowledge is power and when you learn about the GR6 following our simple exchange program you become a more valuable asset to your customers.

Sound like it's worth a shot?  At Jacks Transmissions we support parts and exchange sales as it benefits all of us!  The more successful you are, the more parts we sell and are also more successful. It's a win-win relationship.  We want you to be successful so we will work hard to assure you get there.

Each part you need for repair or upgrade will come with clear and detailed instructions for proper install.  If you can put a VR38 together, you totally got the trans!  Our instructions are easy to follow and if you have questions you also have our support.

Here is how it works-  You tell us the year of the trans and details as to the problem, or details as to the power goals you wish to achieve.  We will then offer a plan to get you there and which parts are recommended.

For example- let's start with something simple!  You have a customer with FBO and the clutch is slipping.  The customer only wants a simple clutch upgrade and that's it.  The factory clutch is a 12-plate unit, so the next best thing is 14-plate which is good for 100ft/lbs more torque.  It's the perfect fit for this application!  Here is what will happen below:

  • 14-plate clutch is $1295 plus $1500 core charge (you will have a core refund of $1500 once we get the old core clutch assembly back).
  • We will send detailed instructions which look like THIS on how to remove the old clutch from the trans.
  • Once the old clutch is out, you simply pop the ready-to-go replacement clutch in it's place and pop everything back together.
  • This whole process only takes 1 day due to the convenience of an exchange process!

Car is done and out in quick fashion so you can get to work on the next project! 

Listed below are the options we have for our exchange program.  It's best to email us first to assure you are getting everything you need to allow this process to go smoothly and easily.


CLUTCH OPTIONS + $1500 core (stock is a 12-Plate 6+6)

  1. 14-Plate Clutch 850hp/700ft/lbs $1295 (laser baskets)
  2. 16-Plate Clutch 1000hp/800ft/lbs $1595 (laser baskets)
  3. 18-Plate Clutch 1100hp/900ft/lbs $2995 (billet baskets)
  4. 20-Plate Clutch 1200hp/1000ft/lbs $5895 (billet baskets and larger carrier)
  5. Update to our waffle design on any clutch above for an additional $900 for 20% more torque holding capability
  6. Jacks Trans Carbon Clutch Piston Seals $250 x2


Gear Options +2500 refundable core (Please note that gear sets are preassembled to make life easy for you!  You do not need a press or special tools to swap gears using our exchange program):

  1. Albins 1st gear and input shaft assembly $1880
  2. Albins 2-6 gear set $6900
  3. Albins 'drop gears' Rear Transfer Gears $1100
  4. Albins Synchro Sleeves for CBA $250each (need 4 of them)



  1. ETS (AWD Unit) completely rebuilt with ball retainer $600
  2. Albins ETS Output Shaft and Gears $1650



  1. Main Shaft Thrust Plate $225
  2. Axis Solenoids $100 x2
  3. Lubrication Solenoid $100
  4. Line Pressure Solenoid $100
  5. Extended sump kit to prevent oil pressure loss $950
  6. Rear diff LSD upgrade $650
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