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LSD Inserts

It is common for people to want to install a cheap LSD in their FWD trans for better traction. You get what you pay for, the cheap insert type LSDs are terrible, don’t work, and have a very high failure rate.

The way the inserts work is they jam two steel plates in between the front diff spider gears. The plates are spring loaded and they put pressure up against the gears. Good idea, but the problem with this is you have a metal plate pushing against metal gears. Over time the gears will dig into the plate which will leave metal shavings in your trans. When they wear in far enough either the gears break (if you’re lucky) or the front diff pin can wear and break away from the diff housing with no where to go but through your trans case.

Here is a picture of a worn gear and pin:

LSD insert. If you see this in your trans, remove it and throw it in the trash:

The box a real diff comes in:

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