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My vehicle runs on E85 and I never needed an IC, but in my quest for the most efficiency I can squeeze out of this thing, I decided to install one. The problem is 99% of the ICs out there have end tanks that are terrible. I wanted an IC that would have end tanks that work well and have a nice smooth flow to them to compliment the core. I believe that good IC end tanks are very important, so I decided to build my own end tanks out of scrape aluminum sheet I had at the shop. Also had some worthless ICs to choose from too.

Okay, so here is the front of my car:

Here are a couple of freebee ICs I found in our 58ft trailer:

The long one is 27×6×3.5. Looks to have an Ebay bar and plate core and the end tanks are awful!
The bigger one is 24×12×3. Made by Modine and called the Bulletnose IC. It’s tube and fin so the core of that one pretty much sucks too.

I decided to cut up the Modine unit as that’s the most worthless for practicing a good end tank design before I buy an expensive one. Who knows, maybe by some miracle it will turn out to be a good unit. It’s supposed to be really good according to the turbo Ford crowd.

With it cut and half way mounted, here is a view from the inlet side to the turbo. Nice clean run there for a smooth end tank :)

Here is another pic where the outlet has a good shot to the throttle body. Nice open area there too!

That’s it for today. I guess depending on my work load for the week I may not be able to build the end tanks until next weekend, but I hope to have some time to play with them at the end of work for a couple of nights.

Oh, and yes, I am aware that the car appears to have been cut in some areas that may be of concern. I modified the subframe and other areas to be sure it will not be a problem, plus I will be welding thick steel plates to the open ends of the unibody too to keep those from moving as well. Most of the stuff cut out was useless at this point and makes for a lot more IC room.

Also found that with the way I mounted it I have a huge amount of space between the turbo and radiator!

Spent a good amount of time on everything to be sure all will fit. I decided to make a paper/cardboard end tank first before cutting into the expensive aluminum and possibly make a mistake. Turns out my calcs were real close. On the turbo to IC side I made a 3” inlet that slowly got taller as the end tank went around the radiator and to the IC. Since the IC was already 3” wide which is the same size as my IC pipes, I just left the width the same all the way through. Turned out to be real simple. Cardboard doesn’t stay or bend as nice as sheet metal, so it looks a little sloppy as it tries to go back to its original shape, but in aluminum I should be able to get it perfect. Should be a nice a smooth path for the air to go through as it enters the core.

First pic inside shot:

Pic of the 3” inlet and IC core outlet. The outlet will be welded to the IC core.

Pic of the end tank sitting next to the car. It will take a little more trimming of the car for it to fit comfortably, but it’s going to work out real nice.

Spent the last few nights on the aluminum work. Got one side done for the most part. Something happened to the welder when I was welding the tank to the core, so it looks like crap. I will have to clean the torch and try again probably, but I’m done for tonight…

Here are a few pics of it. It was a terrible PITA. Even with a nice TIG and plasma cutter it still took me hours to do. It was made with scrap metal if you haven’t noticed, lol!

Pretty much done with the IC now. Just need to mount it.

The last end tank was a pain as I ran out of thick scrap sheet aluminum, but I was able to find more thanks to Matthewdesigns. Here are pics of the finished and odd looking unit:

Spent a lot of time making sure the end tank went into the tube at the end smoothly. That sucked.

Thanks to little brother we made some good progress today. Got the intercooler mounted. You could stand on the thing now and it ain’t moving! IC pipes are done and the front bumper is on. Hope to have the radiator and fan installed tomorrow. The E85 clogged up my injectors as it sat so I need to clean them again plus fix the GEMS ECU as well before it will fire up. Hope to have it all done by this weekend or Monday at the latest.

Hood latches closed perfectly, bumper is tight and ridged, and IC fits perfectly!

Some more pics:


Been playing with it for the past couple of weeks and it’s totally amazing! Huge difference in power! Well worth the time. If you have the materials and equipment to make end tanks like this, do it.


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