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GTR/GR6 Clutch Basket Replacement

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Please note that you perform this work at your own risk!  We are not held liable for any issues by trying this yourself.  Want it done right?  EMAIL us and we can do it for you along with many other services to assure reliability from your trans.

The GR6 trans basket assemblies are very simple to remove and install, and your average GT-R mechanic should be able to do this without breaking a sweat.


Oil Pan: (do this with the trans in the car)

  • Remove the pan first by removing the 21 pan bolts which use a 10mm socket


  • Remove the filter by pulling it down and out:

  • Disconnect the green 16 pin connector (located on the clutch cover side corner of the assembly circled in the picture below) by removing the bolt with a 10mm socket and then disconnecting it:

  • Jam the connector (coming in from the front cover) down into the front cover assembly cavity.  This is to prevent it from snagging on the housing when the front cover is removed (prevent damage)
  • Pop the pan back on with a couple of bolts for now so it will not leak on you when removing the trans from the vehicle.  DO NOT install the filter or anything else at this time.

Front Cover:

  • Remove trans from vehicle, but keep it bolted to the rear sub-frame
  • Remove the 20 bolts with a 12mm socket
  • With a pry-bar, very carefully pry the case apart using the case areas designed for this



  • Very carefully pull the assembly out of the trans straight and out
  • Be careful with the 16 pin connector and do not damage it
  • TIP: Note the washer which is on the output shaft (the shaft which is sticking out of the trans). The washer needs to be installed with the tapered end facing toward the gear. If there is no washer on the shaft, it is still sitting inside the FWD unit. Pull it out and put it on the shaft (3rd picture).


    Clutch Assembly Removal:

    • Remove the 4 T30 bolts from the clutch valve body (arrows show which ones below):

    • Very gently and evenly pull the valve body away from the case.  It will be a bit tight.
    • Remove the small clip from the input shaft found at the center of the clutch basket (circled below):

    Basket Install:

    Remove the upper clip from the basket assembly:

    Before removing the outer cage, flip the assembly over and mark the position with a marker:

    Slide the outer cage out from the assembly:

    Remove the lower clip from the oil pump drive gear/plate:

    Mark the position of the plate with a marker:

    Pull the plate out, but note the Torrington bearing as they usually fall out:

    Pull the upper/EVEN clutch basket up and out:

    Now pull the lower/ODD clutch basket out as straight and smoothly as possible so as to no disrupt the clutch plates.  NOTE- the EVEN clutches may come up and out with the basket like you see happened to us in the pictures, that is OK.  Be careful to make sure that all plates stay in the configuration they are in now and try not to mix them up.  If your basket is broken, like the one in these instructions, simply use a screw driver to help pull it up until you can grab it by hand:


    Make sure the ODD piston has the Torrington in place. Note that all Torrington bearings at this point will be installed with the flat side DOWN and the curved end UP like you see below:

    Very slowly and carefully install the replacement ODD basket into the clutch assembly.  Note the splines inside the assembly are aligned for this basket, so very carefully slip it in and down.  If it will not go down, well... you just screwed the pooch and you may have to twist the basket until it slips past the splines and all the way into position.  Just keep twisting and it will pop down a little at a time:

    Remove the Torrington bearing from the old ODD basket and install the Torrington bearing on top of the replacement ODD basket.  Note, you may have to use a razor blade and screw driver to carefully pop the bearing off the old basket.  Gently tap it down and into position on the replacement basket:

    Install the EVEN basket:

    Install the Torrington bearing on top of the last basket (EVEN):

    Install the EVEN steels and frictions in the same position as they were removed.  You will have a steel plate, then friction, then steel all the way to the top.

    Install the pump drive gear/plate following the marks you made during removal.

    Install the clip for the plate.  TIP- if the clip refuses to go into place, either the baskets are not seated all of the way down or a Torrington bearing is not installed correctly.  Pull all parts back out and try again.  The retaining clip should go on without force.

    Install the outer cage following your marks from removal.

    Turn unit over and install the last clip:

    The rest goes back together reverse of removal. 

    Pat yourself on the back as you just saved yourself $13,000!!!  Congrats!

    Questions/comments?  Please EMAIL us.

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