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GT-R GR6 Options

We have worked hard to offer unique and competitive solutions to your transmission needs.  To bring you these options below which are reliable and cost effective took years of engineering and hard work. We are proud to offer these services at a price which any GT-R owner can afford.  Everything from a full build of your GT-R with guaranteed power goals to transmission rebuilding options.

Our exclusive 'Soft Touch' clutch system allows for our most extreme transmissions to shift smoothly!  We have our own unique lineup of clutch systems only made by us!  There is nothing better than to take a GT-R to the strip and click off an 8 second pass, and then drive it on the street without your partner complaining that it's uncomfortable.  Turn the AC ON and relax on your ride home with a factory feel out of your 8 second trans.  No more harsh shifting no matter how fast you are.

We design our transmissions around people which want to have fun with their GT-R on the street, road course and strip.  In the past you used to have to deal with loud gears and harsh clutches if you had a fast car, but not anymore.  Our transmissions are quiet and smooth no matter what the power.  We pride ourselves in building some of the most extreme transmissions which can be driven every day on the street.  No compromises at Jacks Trans.  You truly can have it both ways!

Jacks Trans has developed new quality control methods which include testing of all sensors via test stations engineered and built by us.  Pressure, thermal and live testing of all sensors in a station on the bench make a big difference with quality control.  We are also proud to have designed and built a GR6 trans test station to be able to fully operate and test the GR6 on the bench before shipment which will bring quality control to a level unmatched!  The only other test station like this is at the Nissan Assembly Plant.  This will change the game with quality assurance involving one of the most complex transmissions in the world!  Be confident that you are getting the most streetable and highest quality GR6 on the market!

We have many options for the GR6 below. Many GT-R owners are hesitant to perform upgrades to their vehicle due to concerns over the transmission.  We hope that the services we offer below will allow you to feel more comfortable with the trans and complete build package, and allow you to perform the upgrades that will make your vehicle more fun!  Our transmission rebuild process from start to finish.

Transmission Rebuild Options:

    Vehicle Service/Complete Build Options:


    Yes, we sell parts and to anyone.  We are here to help you get your personal or customer GR6 running again!

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