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Cleaning Equipment

At Jacks Transmissions, we want to build the cleanest and highest quality products on the market.  We believe that quality is very much in part due to how clean your parts are before assembly.  Combine this with an exceptionally clean environment and repair shop, and you have a very high quality product.  We purchased the right equipment to accomplish this goal.  Most of this equipment can only be found here and we have never been able to find a couple of these pieces in any other shop.

Most shops clean your parts in a solvent tank by hand, by industrial spin-jet parts washer, or not at all.  We have the standard cleaning equipment, but to assure your parts are truly clean we have a 110gal Ultrasonic cleaner, and a Pulse Water-jet washer for those really stubborn parts for a 'true clean'.

Click on the links below for more information about the machine and pictures of how it works:

110gal Ultrasonic Cleaner

Pulse Water-Jet Washer

Cuda Spin-Jet Parts Washer

Bead Blaster

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