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Road Race EVO

This trans is made for light Drag and Road Racing and can also be driven on the street.  Race it at the strip and then drive it home on the street, or to work the next day.  The trans will shift nice and operate quietly as if it was a factory car and will be a joy to drive.

It is unfortunate, but this platform is getting old.  We love our EVOs, but it is getting increasingly difficult to supply our customers with a quality build due to old age.  To combat this problem, we now have a Drag and Road Race trans option.  These builds may appear to be more than the Staged builds we used to carry, but is necessary to assure a high quality product.  We want only the best for our customers and this is the only way we know how to do this without dropping the platform completely.  We value our customers very much and this assures a high quality trans that you can count on for many years to come.  At this point, it's not worth piecing together a cheap trans.  Cheap transmissions break easily and do not perform as we would like.  You get what you pay for and that's a highly detailed build with no shortcuts!

The standard Ultimate Final Drive build have the taller final drive gear ratios! You can choose from 4.08 or 4.11 ratio! 

Not sure which ratio would best suit your needs? Visit our EVO Ratio Comparison Chart

Our EVO 5-speed transmission rebuilds include:

  • All Mitsubishi Technical Service Bulletins
  • We spend a lot of time on synchro timing, alignment and operation to give you the best shift possible. Synchro Blueprinting
  • Changed a few things during assembly to not only reduce, but eliminate gear-to-hub thrust wear
  • Jacks Trans preload specifications which will make your gears last longer and handle more power
  • We provide cleanest units in the business!  Click HERE for more info.
  • Personalized service
  • Available Carbon Fiber Synchros
  • Available Forged Output Tubes
  • For a Transfer Case that can also handle this power check out our Staged T-Case Rebuilds

Please visit our FAQ section as we have updated our Core Exchange policy

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