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SST / DCT470 Repair Services



We are proud to offer repair / upgrade services for your SST, with pricing!

The SST has a series of issues as it was a first attempt at a twin clutch unit from Getrag (German transmission manufacturer).  Common annoyance with these units are:

  • Most people which try to service the transmission do not know what they are doing and will either install replacement parts incorrectly and/or damage the parts.
  • The diagnosis by the average tech is commonly wrong.  When the TCU brings up several codes the tech always assumes the TCU is bad when, in fact, the tech doesn't understand how the unit works and why the codes are there in the first place.
  • Dealerships will want to replace the whole trans at $13k when it could need something simple.  The replacement unit will not have any revision updates so you will have the same issues all over again in short time.
  • Getrag refuses to sell replacement parts to those which want to repair them.
  • There are problems with the design of the unit which will cause failure in short time.
  • SST owners are always chasing their own tail with problems due to the fact that techs are only concerned with repairing the current issue and not performing other needed services to assure reliability.

We love the SST and believe if all of the issues it had were addressed at once in one full rebuild properly, it would be a reliable unit.  This rebuild is for those SST owners which are tired of the little problems which keep occurring and having to service the expensive trans over and over again. 

This rebuild includes our own revision updates to numerous parts we have found to be a reliability issue.  After we are finished with it, the unit will be reliable, and a pleasure to own and drive as it was intended to be.  Stop the frustration of constant SST failures and have the proper service done through us the first time with a 14 month/unlimited miles warranty!

Included with this rebuild:

  • Axle Seals
  • Inspect Oil Pump
  • Inspect Torque Damper
  • Inspect Gears / Gear Hubs / Gear Sleeve Assemblies
  • Bearings
  • Fork pistons
  • Modified / Upgraded 2-4 Shift Fork Assembly (the magnets are known to fall off the fork -- causing a variety of issues)
  • Filters, including sump filter, with 2 updated high quality neodymium trash magnets which have 15lbs of pull force to assure trans stays clean.
  • Properly installed clutch seals including replacement of all other seals inside and outside of unit.
  • Replacement / Upgraded clutches (Please select from the pop-down menu at the top of the page for clutches which will hold to your goals).
  • Unit will be cleaned via state-of-the-art ultrasonic machine.  This will clean all parts so well that the unit will be cleaner when we are finished with it than when it was new.  No need to flush your expensive fluid again for another 30k miles.  More info about our cleaning equipment HERE. Video of the final cleaning process of the case below: 

The price for this service is a fraction of a new unit!  Plus, a new unit will not have any updates to existing issues and will fail again!  A real bargain for what you get for your money! We are not only popping the front cover off and performing a few repairs and upgrades.  We are tearing the unit down completely and addressing every part of your SST from clutch to transmission!


  • If someone installed anything other than the factory DCT fluid from Mitsubishi in the trans (or an approved DCT fluid), the protective gel inside the trans valve-body (mechatronic assembly) could become damaged and conductive.  This will cause a series of odd issues with the trans as the TCU will not be able to operate properly.  This build does NOT cover the valve-body assembly!  If your valve body is bad, it will need to be replaced as we have been unable to find a way to replace the gel at this time.  A new unit is $2300.00.
  • The clutch damper can become damaged due to many reasons.  Lately we have seen so many worn and damaged dampers that it has become a bit of an epidemic here.  3 out of every 4 SST units we see have broken springs in the damper.  If yours has broken springs, do not fret as we offer a rebuild / upgrade over the OEM damper assembly! We have spent a lot of time in R&D and have developed a much more reliable spring setup which is stronger and will outlast the OEM dampers. This service is available for an additional charge ($1600).
  • Although not required, we recommend installing a transmission cooler with any upgraded clutch pack.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our competitors will only perform upgrades and have no means to fully test the transmission. This is only of the many reasons Jacks Transmissions stands out from the crowd. We go above and beyond to ensure your transmission will perform better than new. This is a full service with everything possible addressed to assure a solid SST. We know these units intimately and do NOT require you to ship your entire vehicle to us for the service.  Some shops require the whole car as they are not sure they repaired the problem, or are not confident in their work. Need assistance getting your transmission or vehicle here? We make the process easy. Please contact us for more info about shipping options! 

More tech info about your SST HERE

Please feel free to contact us anytime about any questions, concerns, or goals for your SST.

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