R8 and Gallardo.  We want your 6-speed trans for R&D! 

It is common for these cars to have a slight crunch into 3rd gear when shifting at low RPM.  This is an annoyance for many 6-speed manual trans owners (especially R8 4.2) and some found ways to change their driving style to prevent it from occurring, but that should not be necessary.  We are offering free labor, parts, and even free R&R of the trans from your vehicle if this 3rd gear issue is annoying you.  We want to offer a repair for this problem to our customers and are willing to give the first person to take advantage of this service a cost free repair.

We would use your car for the R&D work for our solution to the problem.  We hope to offer a rebuild to cure the issue for others, along with offering tech data as to why this happens.  I would rather not purchase a 6-speed for this as it will cost me $18.5k for a used core.  It is much cheaper, and more beneficial for me, to perform the service at no charge so we both win.  I am also willing to offer a lifetime warranty on the unit.  If anything happens to it in the future, we want to see it and repair it.  Rest assured that you will be fully taken care of with the trans for the rest of the time you own it.

3rd gear crunch issues are common with many different 5 and 6-speed transmissions/transaxles.  We have cured the issue in every trans we have serviced with this complaint.  Units which have a 3rd gear crunch are:

  • EVO 10 GSR 5-speed
  • EVO 8-9 5-speed
  • EVO 3 5-speed
  • Getrag V160 Supra 6-speed

More info about some of the work we perform to synchros to cure the problem HERE and HERE.  The crunch is common with the EVO 10 and it will grind from the first time you drive the car off the show-room floor.  If you have the trans replaced, the new unit will also grind.  Fluid, bushings, and changing driving style will not prevent it from grinding.  During high RPM shifting and racing, the synchro works perfectly, but will grind as if it's weak or bad during normal driving.  These are the same symptoms the R8 Getrag 6-speed owners complain about.  The problem with 3rd gear in many applications is it's an odd gear to engage.  It takes an odd motion from the driver to reach it, and the selectors and detents inside the unit have to be timed perfectly for the synchro to engage properly.  Due to this, the synchro has to react quickly and efficiently in order to engage without issue.  Timing is key and always off in most manual transmissions.

With all of the units listed above, we have been very successful with a repairs which work and allow the synchro to perform and operate as it should.  We would like to do the same to the Getrag 6-speed in your R8 or Gallardo.  We have many rebuilds for Getrag units and have access to many parts for them.  We are familiar with them and perform rebuilds to Getrag units daily at our facility.

Our shop area is very clean, organized and secure.  If you would like us to perform the free labor to R&R the trans from your vehicle, we would love to!

Please contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at 719-268-6011 so we can discuss if you find the 3rd gear crunch to be annoying and want it fixed.  Replacement units will have the same issue and the dealer won't fix it.  Have us repair it so you never have to worry about it again!  Thanks!  -Jack

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