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 I have some info here about what we do with your synchros when you ship a unit to us.  We have been doing this for awhile, but didn't officially say anything about it until now.  To modify the synchros for the best performance possible takes time in a build, and the extra time spent on synchros is something a lot of our competitors refuse to do.  They just blindly pop new synchros in your unit without checking operation.  We are proud to share a small amount of info about what we do to them.  There are a few other things we modify also to help give you the smoothest, and fastest shifting trans on the market, but those things we will keep to ourselves for now so we can keep the upper hand in synchro performance!


  • Tom Johnson: February 17, 2013

    Thanks for this great article; a technical question for you.

    We are shifting from 2nd to 3rd now:
    Clutch in, push lever to 3rd, keys are moved by the slider groove held there by the springs and they push the brass ring onto the cone and begin changing RPM.

    What exact part is pressing the brass onto the cone? Is it the keys pushing, or the keys just preload and the slider teeth do the heavy pushing on the brass ring to make the friction.

    At this point exactly, should the slider teeth be meshed perfectly with the brass ring teeth, just waiting for equalization at which point the alignment occurs and the slider forces the keys down and engages the gear?

    You mention some errors where the slider teeth go too far in past proper engagement and just barely grab the brass teeth and at high RPM won’t put enough braking force and can slide by causing a grind?

  • Olivier aka ColtMax: March 06, 2011

    Wow! Finally somebody that DOES understand how synchros work!
    Brilliant article on the contact surface, I have underestimated that factor.

    Here is a +schematic I made for our local dsm club.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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