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New 3S parts section and forum

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Hello all! Added some parts for our 3S VR-4 customers.

Also added a web forum. Please feel free to sign up and post!


  • Nasir: October 15, 2011

    Do you have the 2nd Synchro Kit in stock? It come with all the 3 pieces, correct (inner, outer and friction)? If not available, when do you expect to have one the latest?

    Lastly (but not as important as I don’t know this part yet), do you also carry 2nd gear?

    My shift grinds going into 2nd at high RPM but I just purchase the cra so I don’t know for how long the previous owner has been driving it with a bad synchro. So, in case if the 2nd gear is alos worn, I’d like to be able to order that asap once my trans guys opens up for synchro replacement. Thanks a bunch.

    (604) 657-7781

  • Jack M.: December 02, 2009

    Hello, the specials we have going on right now are on the main page at the bottom called ‘specials/overstock items on sale’. There are some 3S units in there, but that’s all I have right now. Thanks!

  • Rory Bringhurst: December 02, 2009

    Hi Jack
    I called when I was traveling about a sale on some over stocked inventory of 3S AWD Tranmissions. Do you have any inventory left or any special deals?

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