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EVOX parts, kit and review!

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Check it out! New EVOX stuff in the Mitsubishi section along with even more odd-ball DSM parts. We also wrote a review about the differences and improvements we see in the X 5-speed trans over the 8-9 units HERE

It can also be found in the FAQ or EVOX Tech Articles. We now have officially decided to pop up an EVOX trans rebuild in the Mitsubishi section. Thanks for looking!!


  • Iowa999: January 13, 2012

    You are being cited as the source for the claim that the Evo X 5-speed manual is the best Mitsu tranny ever made. How would you compare it to the 6-speed manual in the X FQ-400? Thanks.

  • Nicholas: June 23, 2011

    Hey Jack, I was wondering if you’ve heard of anyone having issues with second gear on the Evo X transmissions. On the factory fluid it was impossible to engage when cold and now with MT85 it is only somewhat easier. Thank you for any reply.

  • Jack: May 04, 2010

    Hello, it would be best to email us at for a detailed response as it’s difficult to do here. In most cases, when one synchro is hurt the other are not too far behind. What normally causes synchro wear and damage is a dragging clutch (found in our FAQ). Once the clutch is fixed then the synchros should be replaced and all will be good. Thanks! -Jack

  • Francisco: May 02, 2010

    Hey im looking to replace my 3rd gear synchro , since is grining every time i go into it. but I heard that it would be best if I change the whole set up , 1 tru 5 . of my evo 8 how much would that cost.thank you-

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