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    Some awesome testimonials!

    Posted on 2 comments
     CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS I went to the shootout to compete in DSE class, and I made it to final 4. I was #1 in ET's and I was the guy to...

    EVO 8-9 T-case Ring and Pinions

    Posted on
     I know it's hard to believe.  How can we have these and be willing to sell them when others refuse?  We love our DIYer customers and believe in making money...

    Synchro Work

    Posted on 2 comments
     I have some info here about what we do with your synchros when you ship a unit to us.  We have been doing this for awhile, but didn't officially say...

    Made some changes

    Posted on
    Hello all!  I made some changes to the site.  I tried to set it up so it's not so overwhelming, and easier to navigate, so you can find what you need.  I...

    New lubrication design for DSM center diff

    Posted on 1 comment
     Check it out and let me know what you think!  

    New 3S parts section and forum

    Posted on 3 comments
    Hello all! Added some parts for our 3S VR-4 customers. Also added a web forum. Please feel free to sign up and post!

    EVOX parts, kit and review!

    Posted on 4 comments
    Check it out! New EVOX stuff in the Mitsubishi section along with even more odd-ball DSM parts. We also wrote a review about the differences and improvements we see in...

    More DSM parts!

    Posted on 3 comments
    More parts are added to the ENGINE section in Mitsubishi! A lot more to come next week! We will be adding a bunch more odd parts for the rest of...

    EVO Parts and Engine builds

    Posted on 2 comments
    Added them to the Mitsubishi section the other day. Check them out! More build options and parts to come.

    Website and Email change

    Posted on 9 comments
    Hello, during the transfer of the site and email we had a dead spot on Sept 30, 2009 from 1AM-4:00PM. Unfortunately, if you tried to send us an email during...

    First Post!

    Posted on 13 comments
    Hello! Thank-you for visiting our new website! If you can’t already tell, I (Jack M.) put this site together myself. I am trying to make it easier to find the...

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